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Firestone Tire Plant
Hamilton, ON

Hamilton is still an industrial city, that much is obvious. But Firestone was one of the first big companies to build here. To remember it, we have a shell nestled between the steel mills. It’s never dark here.

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Fisher Body Plant 21
Detroit, MI

Fisher Body #21 made plane parts in World War II, served as a homeless shelter during the Great Depression, made Cadillacs, Buicks, ambulances, busses, and even paint. What is left of this place, besides some stories and graffiti?

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Gary Screw and Bolt
Gary, IN

From 1910 to 1986, Gary Bolt & Screw manufactured an incredible amount of fasteners and steadily employed about 1,000 people. Then, something went wrong–today its walls are not filled with rusty equipment or even dust. Instead, hundreds of piles of rotting donated clothes fill in the space under the old gantry cranes…